Bare Footen

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I'm very clumsy, and not very .. I dunno, artistic, I guess. I just add whatever I wanted until it looked like something. The thing is, by your 2nd - 3rd layer, I though you were just able done. Then you kept adding little things here and there, and... basically, I didn't even know what you are doing. =_= I didn't think there was anything to add! But you kept adding details... and yes, it did look good at the end, but I'm being truthful: I'm too dumb to know what you did at the end! xD

That was not an insult. I'm ... well, yes, I'm insulting myself. xD This is very good, I'm very impressed.

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very artistic

you have to know that when I comment I always vote 5 and add to my fav. I realized through some comments that you don't know who is favoring your drawings.., your art is so evident!!


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Thank you Danila

You always leave such supportive and kind comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and rate. Your own gallery is growing fast and looking great, keep up the beautiful work Smile

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the girl iss very cute nd i love the bg nd the way u drew it

ohh i just wish i was as great as u Smile

totally adding this 2 my fav XD

Life is like art, sometimes its dark, sometimes it's bright, but at the end it's always beautiful :8

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Just wonderful

to watch you using the different tools and to see the child's dress become translucent! This painting is one of my favorites here on queeky Five stars


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Thank you

trazomboli, I really appreciate that Smile . Thank you everyone else also for the wonderful comments., Smile

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wowww very real

wowww very real


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Holy mary

Nice 10 !

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Holy mary

Nice 10 !

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perfect colors, great picture Smile