... Barra Barra ...

“Rachid Taha - Barra Barra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUbzX3izyw4
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Those eyes!

I don't know how I missed this Grafitti drawing from you. Those eyes are staring holes right through me, I love this! Love Love Love

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you captured something great here, i would never say to edit this but maybe something in the future you could put some letters with it, id say that would get more of a feel of graffiti in its roots since that is how it first came into the light. from one graffiti artist to another.

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Impressive face! Awesome

Impressive face! Awesome work!

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Really nice !

Nice drawing...good interpretation of street art.

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great one..intense expression..

Did you know that "barra" in Arabic -Egyptian means: outside??

buona giornata, o serata!!


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I like

the illusion of him as a graffiti and yet too detailed NOT too be a graffiti...huh?...anyway, cool draw, demian! Five stars Five stars Five stars Smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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Hi mannamanna

Graffiti is any type of paint on urban furniture. There are different styles, figurative style, minimalist, letters, etc.

I have friends graffiti artists and they do look very realistic work:


Have a nice day my friend and thanks for the comments Cool

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Thanks, demian!

Well, your link certainly tells me that graffiti is not just writing on the wall... Tongue ...I bow to your graffiti artist friends...they are gods from another realm!! Cool Big smile you included...

Do everything with LOVE...

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I absolutely love this song.

I absolutely love this song. Also great draw!!

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It's an incredible song. I love the lyrics. Cool

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival