Beach Bum

“baby on the beach”
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How precious,wonderful

How precious,wonderful Big smile

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Cute bum.

Cute bum on yet beach. The skin looks so soft. Nice skintone and shading. The blue sky and the beach are great. The whole drawing looks so soft and clear like the water color painting. Great work! Laughing out loud

It looks this little fellow has just start to walk but he walk so fast for straight to to beach. Laughing out loud

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how cute lol ...umm nude beach? lol Five stars


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I'd like to take a walk on

I'd like to take a walk on the beach...only the sand, the sea and the sky , all together could give a specific piece of mind.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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cute with the little bow-legged walk - Ha Ha

Have a wonderful day!

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Suddenly the streak song rang through my head.."Ethel, you put your clothes back on" LOL That was funny..Thank you too wungu for the nice comment but I will laugh about that one now every time I see you Wink Laughing out loud The baby ended up too dark but every time I worked on it (5 times) and tried to save it my stupid adobe flash crashed so I gave up..

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So sweet ...

... apart from the fact it is dark outside and I am not at the beach I would love to go running over the sand ... but perhaps the world would rather I kept my clothes on ...

Lovely delicate pastel shades, love the surf and the sand ... and those cute little cheeks

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