What is beauty?

“i has been very refreashing drawing an alien as there are no rules for how it should look :) i highly recommend that everyone tries to design an ear!”
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i have tried adding all the

i have tried adding all the suggestions, thankyou all for helping Smile

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Really good...

Love I can def see a difference and it is really good. This is exactly how I learned to draw, but asking for help when I would post a drawing. I still love constructive critism on anything that I do. I don't think an artist is ever really done learning. Excellent job on this though!

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I agree...

with Viridian and I think if your shading was darker it would stand out a lot more too. I am not good at fantasy drawings but I love them. I wish I could do this. Great job!

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thankyou so much! i will

thankyou so much! i will definatly try to add some darker shading Smile

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Very unique

Very unique Smile

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thankyou Smile

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Really great!

If anything...maybe some light transparent yellow along the front planes of the cheekbone and bridge of the nose to highlite them , reflecting the light of the background. Possibly some weird strands of hair or alien hairlike strands coming off the back of the skull to slightly balance that left side. However it stands up fine just as is. Cool

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thankyou for helping, i tried

thankyou for helping, i tried hair but i couldnt get it to look how i wanted it to, Im going to edit some highlights now! Smile