Beaver Falls

“I used a reference photo of the real Beaver Falls, this one was pretty hard. Water always challenges me when I draw it, but here it is. ”
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OMG beautiful drawing!!! Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

tbh no

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missed this

wow Kute, I missed this, and not sure how, it is magnificent! seriously magnificent.. must have taken a while to do, there is so much detail. Good show!

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Waterfall ..... Kinetic Style

A painting and not the coolest, I love this Type of graphics, I liked the movement of water flowing from the waterfall, in addition to the trees which I think is a plant malicious added some sort of privacy of this painting.

Thanks to this work.

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Beaver Falls

It is a beautiful place and the falls are gorgeous,..well done on the water. This took some time Smile Very nice..

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what a great repetoire of work you have.

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Wonderful drawing!

I love it! Smile Smile Smile

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this picture let me dream. it's fantastic! i wanna be there now Smile a really beautiful and peacefull place with a touch of magic.

Five stars

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A good drawing, Kuty, a lot

A good drawing, Kuty, a lot of work, so many details, I suppose a lot of time...You allways draw interesting and different subjects, difficult to do, SUPER!

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i love it!!!

thats so beautiful!!! what state is that in? i want to go there!


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Beaver Falls in the Havasupai reservation in the Grand Canyon and that is in Arizona. I didn't really know I had to look it up. I would love to see it too but I know I will never get a chance to in this lifetime. Thanks for your comment and rating though.