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draw! 5

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~~~...Great draw, it looks so real. 5stars!!...~~~

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this is amazing! Very well done! 5 stars

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Sorry England we have a fly that mimics a bee....a sort of horse fly....thats what i thought it was...did not see the title "Bee".....but what a great draw! i off the hook yet?.....lololo....ernie x

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Welllllll OK

Of course you are off the hook, I was only teasing anyway... You can call it anything you long as you call it a Bee Wink Wink ha ha ha Thanks ernie... Big smile

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A golden bee - so fine and

A golden bee - so fine and precisely done, so lifelike, amazing draw, Marilyn, you can be proud of your talent, work and patience! It is a very, very good work!

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really good.. Smile Five stars

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Whoa, don't sting me . Your

Whoa, don't sting me Smile. Your drawing looks so real. I really admire the way you create you pictures, too. All I have to say is excellent.

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Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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"Waiter there`s a fly in my soup!"

This is a real cool draw! the detail....micro stars for you, well done!