“teenie flower with a teenie beetle with curly antenae”
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Thank you for your comments!

Ph that is also an awesome bug reference website, I saved a bunch of them for future reference. Thanks for the site information too!

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you are getting better and better at drawing bugs! ^_^

its very beautiful~

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A draw that makes me happy and lighthearted... remember me my child time...Very well done the flower and the beetle, vivid and real!

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hi kute,

i see you like to draw insects!

some time ago i did some stock photos of insects, if you want feel free to use them as a reference for your drawings.

you find them in the showroom at

this is not only for kute, i would be honoured too if anyone else wants to use my bug-photos images as reference.

have fun drawing,

greetings, ph

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Wow! flower and beetle perfection! 10

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w o w

I love this flower - very good draw!