Bengal, Variated

“Variated some old draw”
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india's villages make for great drawings Beer Beer Beer and great artists Smile

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You have a great style. I adore it. to my favorite folder.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Hello rajibc...

I see you are online this morning, I hope you are creating another beautiful piece. I love Love your work and you have been away too long! Laughing out loud

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UR style is so greenish (I mean trees and grass)


KEEPUP the good work SIR


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This is nice - it looks like a nice place to be.

Have a wonderful day!

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Beautiful landscape...

this is really well done and quite beautiful. Your landscapes all look so fresh and vibrant. Saving to my favorite folder.

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Thanks kutedymples!!

It was real quick one, since I had to create a season greetings using this draw