Beth Chapman

“Wife of Dog Chapman Bailbondsman from Hawaii”
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love this one

beautifuly done,love the coloring Smile

Pamela Sue Reese

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shes so nice and i like the series of the dog b hunter!!!

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Great picture

Great picture Big smile

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Beautiful lady, the hair and

Beautiful lady, the hair and the skin tone are great.

A very Happy New Year to you and to your family.

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Thank you...

Inanina and BlueRain. I really appreciate your comments, and you guys are quick on the commenting too. Wow, amazes me that I got so many comments so fast. You all make me smile! LOL Hugs to everyone!!! Laughing out loud Love Smile

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VERY NICE DRAW! Five stars , Five stars .. Wink

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Great job! 5 stars Faved!

Great job! 5 stars Faved!

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss

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Thank you both...

ha55ha and Selinadie. Actually the clothes are not what took me forever, it was her hair and her face/skin. Trying to get that right is always a chore for me. She is pretty tanned and with her light hair it was hard for me to get the right coloring. Her hair is kind of big, and that took me some time too. The sweater was just a brush and the red shirt was a very easy pattern for me. Thanks to you both for comments on this one. All three of you that have commented on this for me it is an honor also I am hoping she (Beth Chapman) actually gets a chance to see this. She is a celebrity and it would make me feel great if she even acknowledged it. LOL Am I silly or what? Ha Ha! Big smile

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May be....

She is among the Queeky users. And I hope my boyz are here, too. XD

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She looks so realistic.

Beautiful skin tone. I love her make up and wooow to her clothes. It must take ages for me to finish the pattern of the clothes like this. Laughing out loud

Ahhh! Happy new year 2011 in a few hours!