by vig

Beth Ditto → variate

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1 Variation

1 Variation


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she is so fat


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nice one

great job 10 ( Rating when i post 9.16 ) keep up the good work

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Wow, what a talent!!

I agree with kutedymples: It is every day a surprise to find all new drawings here...


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We are glad you are here

I think that we are going to be pleasantly surprised with your talent. I have been here a while and still am finding it amazing every day when I log in. I love it here and I am sure you will as well. Welcome again.

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excited and nervous! i'm new here!

i'm new here. this is my first drawing on Queeky. i try new tools and explore throughout this site. i've found it totally amazing!

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beth ditto ..10..

this is really good! ..10..