by KO

Better Halves

“Me and my best buddy Collaborating :P Done in an hour. (obviously in Multidraw)”
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Five stars Big smile

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Thank you so much XD


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Tour image

Congrats Tongue


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I know right?

Lol Its so cool Laughing out loud *is proud ;P


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Had to fav it!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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Thank you, I'm glad.


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Cute. Really Cute. Five stars

"A smile can hide many mysterious secrets, whether good or bad, that is for you to decide."

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Thank you

Thank you.


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Love it!

Ha Ha!, love this zany cartoon draw!...well done keep it up!

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Lol Thank you, I hope Don and I will Tongue