by Raz

Big Tree

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Wonderful drawing, great

Wonderful drawing, great imagination of a situation. I love the colours 5stz!

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wow..what a great draw

wow..what a great draw definetly on my fav folder. great abstract raz!fave

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Wonderful i would love to

Wonderful i would love to MultiDraw with you again sometime soon! Try to message me about when a good time is and we can see if we can hook up in MultiDraw, i might message you, but try to message me. 5 Stars Faved

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This is sweet. I love the

This is sweet. I love the colouring.

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nice bird ....

... in the tree Laughing out loud Crazy

Five stars


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Great style to create ...

... vines and mosses hanging from the branches ...

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