Birthday cake!

“Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Julia!”
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Birthday Cake

How adorable is this, I love that there is so much to see. That so very cute little spider under the mushroom, the snail working his way up the tree where a bird sits chirping away the birthday song. The beautiful butterfly making its way through all of the happiness going on below him. The delicate and very pretty flowers all around, the little girl painting in the background and the dog, cat, mouse and rabbit all joining in to wish Julia a very Happy Birthday. You add so much joy to your drawings, they are all wonderful and very sincere. Beautiful work Liz Smile Five stars

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Five stars really such a nice picture of bithday .... Party

psree Smile

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birthday cake

I'm always amazed by how a story could have been told in each drawing of yours... Love Five stars


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Birthday cake!

Exellent draw!

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It is nice, I want all the

It is nice, I want all the animals.

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it's a really sweet drawing! your sillouette drawings look great!

December Smile

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Birthday cake!

very nice...

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thx for commet.. i think you

thx for commet..

i think you have trained very well....

maybe you try other pics

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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sooo cute! Big smile

Cristina A.