by Zaat


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questions. plz aswer!

1. were the crap did u learn how to do that?????

2. what do u use to draw? a tablet thing?

3. do u got a devaint art to put the stuff on too?

and 4. how long did it take u to do that?!

Person #1: did u hear bla bla bla bla bla
Me: uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh yeah uh-huh...wait...what you say?

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1.- I guess I did by myself.

1.- I guess I did by myself. I always tried to copy things, and still doing it to improve. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to go on this all the time, but I enjoy painting and those stuff.

2.- Yes.

3.- I'm on deviantart, although I have many experimental old drawings there. I was about to create a new one or something. But you can find me by Anouckz.

4.- I don't remember exactly, maybe 5 hours more or less. When it's like this, I stop and then I still on it.

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beautiful close up..well done..


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Someone else vote so this

Someone else vote so this drawing can be in top-rated.. it really deserves it

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Thanks for support ;)

It seems, nobody wants to vote, haha.

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Amazing work

The colors are great, the expression is so cat like and interesting, realistic feeling as if the draw is alive, amazing work with both shadows and light reflections and at last, the amazing work on the fur...

Simply Amazing!

5\5 + Fav

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Beautiful and cute c: i love

Beautiful and cute c: i love it!

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Absolutely beautiful. I love

Absolutely beautiful. I love the texture on the fur..!