Bleach Dragon

“Was started to be coloured but never finished, with thanks to PH and the new layers system its been rolled back to the sketch.Much better :)”
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peter's picture

is it finished?

geek's picture

i dont like the blue background Sad

tual's picture

You mean you did that using a mouse!?


spawnofsanta's picture

lol you can watch it being drawn!

yeah its done on Queeky, off a work PC too. Just wait till i get a digital pen tablet o/

lil-mischief's picture

Neva Did U Do Dat On Queeky It Is Sick Tho Lol

geek's picture

yea, the more lines, the more cpu is needet Wink

spawnofsanta's picture

Will probably colour it, but the cursor isnt keeping up with the mouse anymore.

Will have to try from a faster computer ^^

fly's picture

where are his wings?

sandra bullock's picture

pleaze go ahead with this pic, its gonna be a candidate for the top 10 i guess Wink)

the crayon's picture

I really like your pic.