by daq


“just felt like drawing something new”
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Five stars very good draw daq! Smile

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awesome good drawing 5 star

drawing is freedom.AND THAT,s great.

spring's picture

lovely vibrant colours, a great draw and style. 5 stars

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I like it like this, I just wasn't sure if you were finished with it or not. You really aren't too weird, or maybe I am just a little weird too. Who knows, artists are a little strange they say. Your gallery is getting rather fantastic with all of your pieces and I always look forward to more.

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This looks like a complete

This looks like a complete style. I want to see more legless people. It's like they would be floating in the air.

daq's picture
im strange lol

in her hand is a bag. probably shoulda worked on that more... but thanks for your interest!

- i know she has no legs.. haha im strange like that, i guess ahaha i didn't want to give her any.

♥ DaQ ♥

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Very, very interesting

The contrast here is what makes it a winner. By the way, what is that in her left hand?