blue horse

“Baaaaaad mouse... ”
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wow, that's amazing.

I imagine that on a biiiig canvas pint Tongue


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Great energy! Beautiful. 5

Have a wonderful day!

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I feel the movement,a great

I feel the movement,a great picture! I like your sense of colours! Five!

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this is beautiful, its the power of suggestion!!! shows movement and creativity

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Blue horse

This is great.. can I borrow your baaaad mouse? lol a beautiful animated draw... love the movement Smile Five stars

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stroke N color.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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blue horse

Fabulous work and great colours....and I like your description your baaaaaaad mouse served you well! Smile 5 stars

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Cool horse...

this would look awesome painted on canvas. Pretty good with a mouse I would say. I can't draw a thing with a mouse. If I didn't have a tablet, would not attempt to draw online. I commend your talent.