Blue Hydrangeas

“My friend Kate from facebook took the photograph I used for my reference on this. She is an awesome photographer and I just had to try to draw one of her pictures. My eyes went straight to the cobalt blue vase. That was the hardest part to draw on this whole picture and I am still not quite happy with it. ”
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I just love the colors, it

I just love the colors, it makes you feel happy and refreshed every time you look. 5 stars

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draw and lighting Smile

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I think you did an amazing

I think you did an amazing job on the vase! You know, I didn't even realize our house was reflected in it until I saw your drawing! I loved watching the entire process...I have much to learn, but I'm excited about getting started! (And thanks for choosing my photo as a subject!)

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I love the vase color here Smile

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You can be very happy with

You can be very happy with the glass vase, the reflection of the environment is a fantastic realisation! Good job, Kute!

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drawing. FIVE! Five stars


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work! FIVE

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Beautiful flowers and vase, the blues are gorgeous, the reflections of the vase are wonderful. Five stars

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Is a great job !

Beautiful glass effect !

Five stars

Going to my favs

Have a nice day, and thanks for your comments !

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wow i love it!!! i love that vase!!! lol i wish i had it!!

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