Blue Werewolf?

“A creature as a category would have been better for this one... :D”
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Great to see you freestyling this ...

and great to see some colour ... one question - do you have him in purple Big smile to go with my decor?

Joking aside a competent creature feature - well done

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I do like purple, and I can

Smile I do like purple, and I can make him purple, but how do I make him scary then? Laughing out loud

and thank you Smile

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LoVe LovE lOve

almost perfect style..... you got it... pls forget copying and do more with this style...its really really fascinating.... you will be a great one... Big smile Smile Cool

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Thank you!

I like the airbrush... I like how it has no definite shape (lines using a pencil) because it gives more options, it's more creative than using lines, which if not used correctly create a "bad shape"... not so with an airbrush though Laughing out loud

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