Bob Dylan

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Excellent..i like it..

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how can u dra Five stars w that just out of the blue?

i luv twilight

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wow .

how do you do this? without any scetches? that's impossible.

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Bob Dylan

Oh this is lovely, great colour choice

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pro as aways. . . Laughing out loud


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Bob Dylan

Nice artwork!

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ploiesteana 10

The picture is marvelous.You did it with much attention for details and this all monochrome. Bravo!

Iam afraid, the music contest is on the ratemydrawing site. Maybe you try it again but there. Good luck!

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Thank you

I liked the color when I first made it but the thumbnail is very hard to see because of the dark violet. I tried to enter it into the music contest but I don't have a clue how to do that. I tried a couple of times but I was afraid I would lose the draw so left it in the original gallery.

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bob dylan

wow!great draw,and colour,10!!

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Bob Dylan

Love this draw, great colour on the black background. Its a 10 from me! Smile