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You are very good at drawing

You are very good at drawing human figures

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THIS IS YOUR BEST DRAWING! LOVE THE TEXTURE YOU USED-GREAT! AND PATERN ON SWEATER SO BEAUTIFUL! Laughing out loud Love WELL DONE! MANY STARS! Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ...FAVED!

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You are talented in many ways, this is a very good drawing and the clothes are also many wonderful details.that sweater and scarf are awesome and the jeans are wow to..well done. Smile Five stars

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thanks a lot selinadie and trixy28;]] and thank you marilens!!;] thanks SO much inanina!!! Laughing out loud thank you Supermaker!;]

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The details are amazing!

Amazing job!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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what a designer u are!

what a designer u are! Smile

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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its sooo adorable Love i want to have boyfriend lika that Wink it's very nice and colors are so beatiful, and your painting looks so realistic, it's of your best jobs, so cengratulations Love Party Love Sexy: Sexy: Sexy:

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thank youuuu;D

really, thanks a lot;]]

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Very nice

portrait of boy - great clothing

Have a wonderful day!

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thanks a lot hakan and ukisragas;]] and thank you bridget!;]]