“I am starting a gallery of celebrities in black and white.”
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...excellent portrait!... Five stars


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Hahahaha. Well, I'll never be

Hahahaha. Well, I'll never be as masterful as he was. But actually, my grandma nicnamed me that. Since I have been drawing since I was a toddler, and my name was Micah, she always called me MicahAngelo. Lol. So that was cool.

But thank you so much! You do not know how exciting it is to see such wonderful new comments! Laughing out loud

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you are doing so well...

Is your intention to become like 'MICHELANGELO"? Big smile


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Oh my goodness! I loooove

Oh my goodness! I loooove Johny and Kierra!! Im actually in the middle of drawing Lady Gaga, its so interesting. Lol.. But they will definetly be on my list. Laughing out loud I have like 10 I want to draw, including Morgan Freeman, Leonardo Decaprio, and Megan Fox.

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wicked drawing! XD ooo ooo

wicked drawing! XD ooo ooo draw kiera knightly or Johny.

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Hahaha, thanks, thats exactly

Hahaha, thanks, thats exactly what my brother said.

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Looks legit. Great work. Laughing out loud

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Haha Thank you.

Haha Thank you. Laughing out loud

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Fantastic drawing,wonderful

Fantastic drawing,wonderful job Big smile