Bread and Wine

“I found Raz's "canal" so cool, I thought I'd try the technique.”
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Could I use this!

Hey! I found this online and tracked it down to you here Smile I think it's beautiful, and your work in general is gorgeous. I was wondering if I could use this picture for a Children's Church brochure for my church (Northwoods UMC, I'd attribute it however you wanted. Thanks!

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it looks just like a

it looks just like a painting...your drawings are so wonderful Oups


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I like this technique

reminds me of the drawings in pastel Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

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Beautiful , interesting done,

Beautiful , interesting done, inviting to sit with you and to eat or drink something, wonderful scene!

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Great work! Great

Great work! Great performance! Congratulations

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Interesting style. I like it.

Interesting style. I like it.

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Hi danila!

Thank you! Big smile

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Great !!

Its good to experiment. Nice design and color. A teeny bit of more burgundy in the wine might help that area pop, in cotrast to the yellow. However its fantastic as is. Cool style.

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Some constructive criticism! Took your advice, viridian, and tweaked the does look so much better! Thanks! (I can tell you're a professional... Glad you joined Queeky! Wink )

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