Brian Cranston

“I love "Breaking Bad" it's finally coming back on August 11th! It's been too long!”
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Thanks ploiesteana!

Your words always make me smile, your incredible artwork makes Queeky go around and is always very beautiful. Thanks again!

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Great portrait.

As always. Laughing out loud

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Beautiful drawing, as

Beautiful drawing, as always!!

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well done, im a fan of

well done, Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars im a fan of cranston,breaking bad, malcome in the middle, and all those film roles,very good part in the movie drive last yr a very underated actor, Wink

consent can be nulified by reason of cohersion or duress!

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I don't really know who that

I don't really know who that is, but I know a great draw when I see one!

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breaking bad! great serie,

breaking bad! great serie, perfect picture.Innocent

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wow awesome

still even unfinished you never seize to amaze me Smile

Pamela Sue Reese

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Looks good

wait to see this complete. Big smile

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