“After a couple of sad days, I decided to watch random animes on the internet to calm my mind, then all of a sudden this anime called Appleseed showed up on my screen, and after that I was throwing up rainbows of joy. I absolutly love this anime, after watching the 1988 movie I discovered that there were 3 more films that were related, after watching all of then within 3 days, my mind was drowned out by Appleseed, so I decided to put down Skyrim and start drawing my favorite charater, Briareos!! This has to be the most hardest drawing I have ever attempted and it took me say 2 weeks, including spring break. Hope you guys like, cuz Im still wanting to add more to it, but I know if I were to add anymore I would ruin it. Please rate and comment. Id love to hear your feedback. Thanks...”
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This is interesting.

Why haven't I heard of this anime called "Appleseed" before? Uh well overall I really like it a lot, and I needs to check on this anime, because if it looks like that then I'm game on watching it. Your hard work paid off my friend, and I hope to see more. And a side note: THIS DRAWING IS AWESOME!!!

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Thanks!!! :D

Yeah I never heard of this anime before, until it randomly popped up on my computer, it is a very awesome anime, there's 4 films, a 1988 (First one), a 2004 (which seems to be a reboot), 2007 (which goes along with the 2004), and a 2014 (which seems to stray away from the other 2, but is visually stunning with the graphics used). So yeah this has to be one of my hardest drawings, at first I didn't want to draw this version, I wanted to draw the 2007, but I really like the 2014, but Thanks again Destroyer, and try to check the films out. PS my favorite one is the 2007, called : Appleseed Ex-Machina. Laughing out loud :D\(^o^)/

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