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5 stars I like it

5 stars Smile Innocent

I like it

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Extremely Good!!!

You have created a really good illusion. You have a real talent for this.

My only problem, and it's abserlutely microscopic, is that it's abit too blury for me.

Still, a very high 4 stars, extremely close to 5. Keep up the good work Big smile

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very beautiful and unique

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Good draw, didn't notice the

Good draw, didn't notice the horses until a second glance Five stars !

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Yay horses! Love

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brown dream

wow..Beautiful work creative and unique! 5 stars

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great idea!

beautiful draw, great horse effect!.. which hair shampoo is destroyed? Laughing out loud

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nice shadows

Nice draw girl Wink

you make the draws comes alive again.

This is a good fantasy draw, I like it Big smile