by KO

Bruce willis 5th element

“lol I didnt get to finish this, so Im going to just leave it like this XD lol reference used, obviously not traced, image was opened besides the Queeky application. Done for Selinadie, cause she did Leelo. *also the ref image was un believabley small, 300 by 180 lol.”
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Yes, you really did get the likeness of Bruce Willis until you put the funny face on him. Nice work, it is very hard working from a tiny reference photo. So congrats on that too.

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I'm used to using small refs when I do use them, ^^ Thank you Smile


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ppplllleeeeaaaasssseee finish this!

I watched the playback and you had him just right but then you put that funny face on him! Argghhh! you must finish him! You did an awesome job on the background and gun so please just finish his face! Please, pretty please with sugar on top? sugar, icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, strawberries? eh? for me? eh?

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Nuu >:U nevar, I will keep it this way ;P

Thank you, I'm glad you Looooove, it sooo much, and would never want it changed ;P