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SO BEAUTIFUL! REAAAAAL FOR SURE!! EVERYTHING.. AND GREEN COLOR PERFECTLY IRIDESCENT, WOW! Big smile Love MORE THAN Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars ,, Five stars .. FAVED!

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Amazingly real!

Bravo! I think this is so bright and detailed it's had to tell it's just a picture. I love it!Smile

Rebbecca Cormier

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So realistic,

it's beautiful. As well as the colours. (:


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draw, realistic, Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars


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You've done a really great job on this. The bug looks like it will come off the screen any minute Wink Five stars

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Thank you

All for the warm comments and humor...for taking the time to view this, there are so many wonderful drawings to be seen in here by everyone so I really appreciate it. Smile

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Rather insane how good this is

Wow, um... speechless, can't believe amazing that iridescence is. That is too incredible, really. Like I have said before I do macro shots and some of my favorites are the little shiny beauties. And you have amazed me with your ability to catch every nuance of light play! Wow, wow!

Five stars Five stars

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Wonderful, and perfect!

Five stars Favorite!


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Saw this earlier in passing ...

... and just had to spend half an hour playing hunt the beetle to come back and comment. I sort of love and hate bugs- they fascinate me but I like them to keep their distance ... however this one is so iridescent I don't mind him coming closer and I promise not to squish him ... beautiful painting Marilens

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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Very Detailed! I love it!This

Very Detailed! I love it!This just got faved! Smile

Five stars