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3 Variations

3 Variations


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Women at home try to start

Women at home try to start small business,does they have any legal obligation regerding to start the business?

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I see

now I understand (:

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Nicely Done

i really like the use of shading in this

and how her hand is on the gun and

how her head Looks like its exploding in the back

Really good [:

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Wow !!

no comment ! just wow!

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this is so amazing!

it deserves to be mounted on a wall! 10!

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i think this is absolutly amazing! and i would give you infinity rate thingy but unfortunatly it only goes up to 10 so i will give you the highest points possible (which is a 10) lol

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excellent piece

monster kudos

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wow wow

This is great. Its scary, but very very well done.

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looking down the barrel of a gun! literally! Scary and a great draw. 10