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hier das versprochene

hier das versprochene Kommentar Wink

des Bild ist echt schön! wow!

echt mal, ich finds voll cool dass Frau Voit deine Mangas sehen will!

Du hast echt Talent!


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ok then I'll check out your new drawings now.

Wow you're very efficient.

Yeah I'm really busy, all the teachers at our school thought be have to deserve our christmas presents...^^

So, I'll stalk your page now Wink

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thank u so much! I'm glad that u like it ^_______^

I have to write some comment 4 your gallery! I had to do so much the last time and think your gallery's grown up a lot^^

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I do like it a lot. My gallery has gotten a lot bigger since the last time you were here. I draw every day, sometimes I don't post a picture everyday but other days I might post more than one. I always have quite a few unfinished drawings I am working on. I am totally addicted to Queeky. Please check out my artwork, I would love to hear feedback from you about it. Nice seeing you again, and don't stay away so long.