Byte Me

“Yes, that tiny, shiny robot is flipping you off. And byte is a computer term for eight bits. And the term was originally going to be bite, but programmers didnt want to get it accidently nicknamed bit so they added the y. There, you may have just learned something from this angry robot, enjoy.”
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thats cute! i want that robot :3

i would take it with me EVERYWERE


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And cute Smile

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AHA! nothing like 'bot humor!

AHA! nothing like 'bot humor! Love it! 5S Smile

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I saw you draw this, its cute

I saw you draw this, its cute

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Thank You!

Thanks, I draw nearly all my pictures in Multidraw Smile It runs faster and has my favorite tools--the pencil, lol Big smile

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Byte ME.

Lolyeah xD Its challenging me to a battle/fight... I feel like spoofing this (6)Muahaha. Great job on this.

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Thank You!

Then spoof it! Hehe, thanks though Laughing out loud

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Youre welcome (a)

It took a while since i was buisy having a life >.< (a terrible one) but i finished it. Its not really that funny but you could look at it.

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lol ..,looking trought the

lol ..,looking trought the gallery, first time I read " Bite me" Smile))...Couldn't imagine myself having a piece of metal as a desert...the descripcion:good to know!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Thank You!

Haha, thanks for the comment and rate Laughing out loud