Byte Me

“Yes, that tiny, shiny robot is flipping you off. And byte is a computer term for eight bits. And the term was originally going to be bite, but programmers didnt want to get it accidently nicknamed bit so they added the y. There, you may have just learned something from this angry robot, enjoy.”
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ha55ha's picture
Cute one!

This design is so cute. It seems like he want a hug. Laughing out loud

And thanks for the informations.

Donnie's picture
Thank You!

I used some reference but it didn't really turn out anything like I wanted it too, haha Laughing out loud Thanks though Big smile

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Bwahahah! rofl!!

This is too funny Donnie! I love it! You're so clever Wink Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars

Donnie's picture
Thank You!

Only funny to a programmer, hehe Big smile Thanks for the comment and rate Laughing out loud