cacao lacte

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I love poster like this. And yours especially! It is so well done, I thought this is one of my own collection. Kute, great draw!

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Chocolate at it's best, top drawer production! Martyn

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cacao lacte

another great classic poster... of days gone by!great artwork here! *10*

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vintage style poster

you always come up with spectacular works of art. lovely classic poster.

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You are the master at this, it looks so good when its done but the way you do it makes it look so easy. I love cool looking adverts from round the world and what not from back in the day. Cafe near my place has posters like these all over the walls. I giveth it a 10

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Do what? :-)

I mostly use the fill tool first then go back with the air brush and the line tool for detailing.

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how do you do that