Can U read my mind

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the reference of the girl is from an album... Tongue again. I'm no familiar with fashion, thanks for your info, marilens. The ladybug idea is a sudden thought, glad you both like it. Big smile Ladybug is one of a kind I like very much when I'm still a little boy. Big smile

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One of

my favorites...this is so beautiful pppman, she is beautiful and perfect hair and features. That hair style is very popular right now in the US. I love the little guy and his detailed clothes, so tiny and yet you can see the detail so well. The woman has a long beautiful neck and just looks so real, more like a photo. The ladybug is a nice touch. Great job, Wonderful drawing. FAVS

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I like the lady bug on his head, is he like a sprite? and I like her hair very METICULOUS Big smile

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