“I absolutely LOVE candy esp. Sour Belts and Mints, so instead of making another sugar skull, I decided to create Candi, a pink sweet alien from the planet MintySour, well I hope you like her, so please rate and comment, and tell me what your favorite candies are! XD”
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I love this drawing! She is great and my favorite candy is root beer barrels and butterscotch--all hard candies.

About a week ago there was like 6 days I could not upload anything. There was a problem here but I got an e-mail that is fixed and I have not had any issues since.

Nice meeting you Smile



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I forgot to add this to the description...

I have been having some problems uploading my artwork, the Jpeg is taking forever to download to my account, I would have uploaded Candi sooner if it weren't for this minor problem... well this is like the second problem I have been having, but this took way too long to upload cuz I finished her a long time ago, and I even uploaded a pic of her to my uploads... well hopefully this doesn't happen again, but I hope you guys like this pic, cuz I sure do...

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