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2 Variations

2 Variations


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Probably best picture i´ve

Probably best picture i´ve seen so far congrats.

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and action.

looks ready to pummel somebody in the gut Big smile


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Wow, I really love the

Wow, I really love the perspective and the dynamics of the picture. I've practised some capoeira, and you have managed to capture the movement and feeling of it masterly. I'm not sure I think you should work more on it, it's great as it is and the sketchy feeling of it really adds to the feeling of movement and speed.

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Thank you

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I really have not finished and would like to work more on it someday!

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Again, great job, keep it going!

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a great action draw....Fantastic art and style.. 5 stars

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your technic is.. (unfinished) Big smile

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I too use a mouse and know how hard it can be, you do a great job...I love your style it is very unique and you turn out awesome art. Very nice job Smile Five stars

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Fantastic draw! You have a

Fantastic draw! You have a good mouse! You've done this dancing man perfect!