Captain Jack

“I have always wanted to draw him but until recently I didnt have the courage to do so. I have seen some really bad drawings of Captain Jack Sparrow and I didnt want mine to be in that category. I am semi pleased with the outcome. Thank you for looking!”
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Wow this is so amazing!! My

Wow this is so amazing!! My sister Linda saw him (Johnny Depp) this week, I'm soo jealous!

Do you take requests?

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SO REALISTIC, 3D! Shock Big smile

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wow...amazing Love Love

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Woot ! i'm really impressed !

Woot ! i'm really impressed ! O_O Good job !

I'm fan of this captain Laughing out loud

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Pirates of Caribbean part 5!! Five stars

Every artist was first an amateur.

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how long

How long did it take u to draw that? its really good

Enrique Iglesias <3

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Wonderful work my friend Smile Five stars

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Looks just like him!

Looks just like him!

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This is absolutely amazing! I

This is absolutely amazing! I wish I had your talent.