Captain Jack Sparrow

“I really like this character...:)”
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awesome job!

wow your a really good drawer!!! did you know that? lol OBVIOUSLY you know that with all these wonderful comments, i've got a few drawings but their not really good because, well what can i say?, i'm only 11 years old! good job once again!! Laughing out loud

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Wow! awesome job!! :D

Wow! awesome job!! Laughing out loud :D

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OMG!!! SO CUTE! O.O I ♥ HIM. Laughing out loud :-D Laughing out loud :-D

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Awesome picture

Five stars Five stars Awesome picture Love

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ooohhhh seeexxyy.

ooohhhh seeexxyy.

I am a beast!!!

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Love it

great job, the color tones and shading are great.. Smile Five stars

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WONDERFUL DRAWING AND HAHA.. AGREE WITH DANILA! Laughing out loud Five stars , Five stars , Five stars ..

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thanks all...

I'm glad you like my drawing.. I think this is one of my favorite drawing Smile

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Fantastic Love

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he was staring me in the face and I didn't even realize this was one of your new pictures. Really amazing job on this Tami! Very nice work! Love