Captain Phil Harris

“In Memory of Captain Phil, he passed away on Feb 9th 2010 at the age of 53. From the show Deadliest Catch, leaving behind two sons Josh and Jake to carry on his Legacy. He will be greatly missed.”
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a great tribute

Thank you Kute, this is amazing and as they said on After The Catch, " It is as though so many people feel like they actually worked on the Cornelia Marie. We all were invited into their lives and when Phil passed we mourned. I have never been affected by someone who is 'just on tv' but Phil was a real guy, a regular real guy, a great man, and even though he told his son from his hospital bed that he wasn't a great Dad when they were growing up, he was a great Dad and wanted only for his sons to be happy and successful in life. I for one will miss seeing him every week. Thanks for posting this Kute, it is a great tribute.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Thank you...

and you have an incredible memory. I watched After the Catch too and I can't recite it word for word, your comment made my regular goose bumps into mountains to hear those words again. Thank you!

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Had to!

I had to comment as soon as I saw this! My husband and I love The Deadliest Catch and it was a sad sad episode when Phil passed. I cried like a baby, mostly seeing his sons go through the things they had to go through.

But kudos to you for this. Its perfect inside and out!

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Thank you...

I still get chills when I think about him. He was taken way too early. He was a great man and everyone loved him including me and my husband. I thank you for commenting on this.

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draw Smile

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nice drawing, your close to something good, i think you should put some more attention to the tshirt as well.

As the tshirt is the most simple part, yet if it is quality as well the whole picture would stand out more.

Looks like where a bit quick on that part, Oh well its a good drawing, you still get 5 stars Smile

use a layer and you wont destroy the original one, but well you should now that

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my mom & dad love that show

my mom & dad love that show

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Thank you

I am glad you like it Cheryl. I know this man will be missed by millions. I feel so badly for his sons. As long as I have been watching him on Deadliest Catch I never knew if he was married? Does anyone know?

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nice work

nice work

ween23 =^..^=