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This is very lovely and sweet looking piece of art.

I can sing really well when no one is listening hehe. Smile

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This is so beautiful..... this picture really touch my heart...

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* awe! *

awe , this one is cute!

i like how you put black by the

edges, and like kutedymples

said : " very nice style! " Smile

good job .

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god this is so it...Innocent

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hi, there. ive got a notification about a message from you but unfotunately i didn't get it. if so thanks in advance. anyway, just let you know. something is wrong with the queeky mbox.

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hello hello

hello pppman,

i write below " care", because for me it is unique.

i've been watching your works since some time and i'm still waiting for the next. i like the way you draw - colorful lines, many details.

picures look lively and youve got many ideas. especially i vote for the animals. i also thank you for sharing your comment about my "ryba" drawing.