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“I decided to work on a larger screen and it took me long to finish this drawing, I had many difficulties. But hope you enjoy : )”
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I'm new to this , I have always loved art, just found this site and love it.

How long did it take you to create this ?

Great Job


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DAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGG. I love the kitten though ;3

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GR8 work

such raw talent...................great..(^_^)


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Wow, A master piece

Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars and faved.

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WOW!! =D

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you placed the painting with edit option to encourage variations, well i made one with tears :

variation on your image

I tought of it as those tipical drawings with the tear of a child.

There has been a time long ago they where very popular, although it didnt have artistic value they where just popular.

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made a variation with tears

made a variation with tears of it Smile

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Tired to read compliments. We need critics. When we will be happy to have them? P.S. I generalized

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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that's why we share our work with other people/artists... Smile

Thank you!