Carnival of Venice 2

“Again, sorry to submit this to the main gallery for the second time but just trying to move them in my personal gallery so they are all together.”
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^ ^

very nice draw kute.. u draw very good

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its fantastic

nice colours and clothes and mask..

its a whole beauty

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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that is really cool! in italian class we had to make masks and stuff for carnivale and we looked at pics online and this is so good we should have used this for an example! nice job!

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Absolutely amazing done-every detail is perfect: the gren-blue column, the luxury cape with her black and white check, the elegant hat, the white mask-Venice herself!

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Nice :)

I think you sacrifice a lot of time drawing this picture - great colors and idea ...


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Nice costume =)

The costume is very cool. That checker pattern is nice. Must of been hard to do! Innocent

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Thank you both...

I think I like this one better too for the colors and design of the costume. Thank you both for your comments on this Smile

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I like this one more, maybe is the type of custom tone i like. Anyway both of them are good work.

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This looks really cool! good job! 10!^^

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Thank you!

Thank you so much Spring! Wow does my hand hurt. lol I am really glad you like this one.