“created by j.ferrell”
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I love this impressionistic sort of style. It's so beautiful and realistic yet leaves room for imagination.

In that shining moment, I see from where I’ve far it has been, through pain and blood all that has been done.

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Thanks to everyone for your

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I was just messing around. I guess the best stuff is when you don't try. LOL

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Wonderful technique, this is really beautiful..Great job Smile Five stars

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great drawing!

great work the colours are soo good Five stars

tbh no

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This is unbelivable!

The colors are extrodinary! So abstract but in a sense of art! Very good my friend very good! 5 stars all around!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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It's such a nice painting! Great work, lovely style on this one!

You smell like muffins ;]