“I've returned to my other "love" - books...this is just a quick tribute to what I'm reading right now...guess what genre...^_^”
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New Artist

Hi I am an Artist, I live in Manchester, Northwest , England. I have just joined the site, could anyone tell me where I could find a website, to sell my artwork, also, which editing soft were is available, to put a watermark/ copyright on my Artwork, so people can not just print it off as a posed to Buying the Work ? Thank you Lee

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that we have the same passion, danila! Art and reading...I've thought of getting the digital reader like you mentioned but I still love the feel of traditional books. I'm blessed that a library is just a block away from where I live. The only problem is the latest bestsellers never sit on the shelves long enough for me to grab them! They're always on loan! So, I pay a minimal sum to reserve them instead. I can't wait for Pillars! I thought I'd read the book first before buying the DVD of the mini-series. (must reserve World Without End as well) That's a good idea...drawings inspired by novels...The thing is...between reading and Queeky...I'll never get anything else done!

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Nice light on

castle in a "fantasy romance".

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Thanks, betty!

$$$$$...Man, did I give too many clues? Seems everyone's guessing correctly...I'm running out of $$$$...heehee. Big smile

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Really nice!

Looks like a nice place to have a big stein of beer and see some cool wenches

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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Thanks, viridian!

LOL! And where the missus'll be barging right in and fetching their beer-drinking chaps by their ears and giving those cool wenches the evil eye. Big smile

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Woah!!! How magical!!! Brava

Woah!!! How magical!!! Brava M!!! Smile Love

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Thanks, gaby!

Love your enthusiastic comment! By the way, I like your new profile pic! Makes me happy looking at it. Big smile

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Interesting style...great

Interesting style...great final results !


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Thanks, sonia55!

Really appreciate your comment... Big smile Love

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