Cat in a Bag

“Has this ever happened to you: You're suppose to keep a secret and then another family member blurts it out...let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Aaarrrggghhh!”
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ups, she did it again! (hide

ups, she did it again! (hide in the bag) Wink) cute cat!


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Love this blue cat, seems to

Love this blue cat, seems to be an intelligent cat, how she's looking to us! Love your world , so full of colours!

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We had

a Persian once (adopted from SPCA) but his fur got into everything! So we had to give him back. But our "Miawzer" (she looked exactly like the cat in my "The Student" drawing)lived to a ripe old age and is now in cat heaven. I'd love to have a russian cat Smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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HA, HA...

SO FUNNY! AND LIKE PLAYFUL CATS FACE..! Big smile Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ...

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Must be a Russian Blue.

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need some ideas...

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It did happen to me!

Ahh great draw again. I can't resist cat's cuteness. This one is so huggable, if she keep her teeth close while I hug her. Laughing out loud

My cat always found anything to keep herself busy all the time. Plastic bag, empty basket, empty paper box. Big smile