Catch A Falling Star

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Wow, this is Magical!

and I have never seen this before. I really like it, the colors and the playback is nice to watch too.

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How did you made those small stars, it looks like some stamping action, but where is that option ?

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The small stars...

the stars that you are asking about is a brush in the paint brush options. There are two different types of stars. Just click on the brush in the left sidebar and then in your task bar on the top you will see a brush style, click on that and another box will open with a lot of really cool brushes. I am surprised you haven't found it yet, it is almost my favorite function in the tools. Actually there are so many cool functions in the Queeky tools it is hard to really say what my favorite is. I hope this helps. Let me know, and if not maybe I can explain it a little different.

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niceness in replay AND result again .....

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a seller

mucho grande money coming your way on this one I think... if that is... you actually wanted to sell it. but a prize nonetheless.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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I have been selling cards & paintings locally here in Oregon. Here's what I do in the non digital art world! Laughing out loud


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Interesting concept and drawing

I like it a lot! Five stars


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color is great!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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a nuclear lullaby ...i like this song

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Magic! Magical colours,

Magic! Magical colours, magical vision!