Cats WIP sketch

“I cant help but make these meaningless unfinished sketches for no reason! I don't know why...but I just cant help but publish them, either! X/ But anyways, what you see above is a portrait (that I will finish!) of the cats that were in my life for the longest and had an affect on me. The story all started with Sadie and Nicole (his brother, who ran away early)...then Kitty...and then they gave us Cloud, Mochi, and Vamp. We had to give Cloud and vamp away. They went to this man who didn't...well I could have housed them better but my mom made us give 'em up ASAP. Mochi stayed with us because no one wanted a short haired female black cat. She and I became extremely close, inseparable, after the disappearance of her father. From the second litter came the two youngest, Sweeney Todd and Puff Daddy. We gave the rest away. I was too attached to them after Mochi died a while after Sadie ran away, just before Kitty gave birth again. We didn't keep any from the third litter. We had to give Kitty away with that litter to an old lady fosterer. As we were packing, we gave Puff to a nice family the day we left for the airport while Sweeney, the one who was closest to me after Mochi's 'murder', was given to a friend of a friend who I found very loving and friendly to Sweeney. My only wish was that he keep his name. So, recently I found out he ran away. It was cold, Sadie and his brother ran away during the cold, so I was extremely worried. She told me she stayed outside in the cold all day waiting for him to come home. And he did. I'm now positive I made the right choice. At least I know that he's in good hands n_n”
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not meaningless. But soon to be finished and I am looking forward to it. Great story too by the way. Puff Daddy! LOL I love that! Love