cave wall

“For Blinemilys Book Group - my favourite series of books are the Earths Children series by Jean M Auel. Cave paintings are a theme throughout the story and this is my cave wall. I might add new animals over time as the mood takes me (and earth pigments become available!) (Mammouth had a haircut ... big cat, aurochs and cave bear all trying to make themselves known but not quite here yet!)”
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with all Wink

Five stars


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Great job And nice use of

Great job Laughing out loud And nice use of colours.

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this is funny

and great idea, QWEEKY AT CAVE TIME!!LOL..


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This is fun!

I'd love to see what you will add. The colors are so earth pigment. Cool!

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Great idea

I really like the cave drawings and will be looking forward to maybe seeing more animals as you add them. The animals are great and I like how you did the background. My favorite is the Mammoth Smile Five stars

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Very nice

- I have seen such drawings.

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I would love to see them for real but I am not to keen on going into the caves in the first place ...

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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I saw ones in southern France and they were in the first chamber

but my mother was claustrophobic and wouldn't have wanted to go in very far.

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I like especially your horse

I like especially your horse , it looks like it comes from Altamira or Lascaux directly!