by KO

Celebrity Love/hate

“Just drawing on MD with a few people, I said we should draw A celebrity that we either Love or hate, I combined the two, and drew Christian slater, and yes the character in the top right hand corner, is me dressed as him ;P Donnie, drew Hannibal who she couldn't decide wether she hated or loved him, more hate than love ;P , and Sara decided not to do it in the end :( Though it was fun :) And obviously you cannot trace in Multidraw, so yeah ;P No tracing, and only referenced for the Celeb portraits.”
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Another great multidraw!

You guys draw so well together! I am a fan of Christian Slater but I am not sure about the others here. They are all well drawn though! Hannibal will be giving me nightmares tonight and I am so glad I can't see who or what he is holding in his hand!!

@Donnie: I am noticing a very marked improvement in your drawings. You are really developing your own style. Your shading and characters are really coming to life.

Love Great work guys!!! Party

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Yay, I'm glad you liked it, Donnie Will Thanksh you >:P



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"The law can't touch me?" that's all the law does to that man?! lol, good work on all the drawings though you guys, five stars ^^

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I agree XD lol


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HANNIBAL lolo donnie id well

HANNIBAL lolo donnie id well and I like all KO's =3

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Thanks Yugioh Laughing out loud I'm glad you like them Thank you.