Cesta With Fruit...

“I used to go to Jai Alai years ago and it was a lot of fun...good game...I won some good money...loved it...”
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A Renoir - touch in your

A Renoir - touch in your painting style and palette!

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Thank you ploiesteana and

Thank you ploiesteana and hope you're doing good. Smile

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Jai Alai was a very favorite

Jai Alai was a very favorite and popular sport where I live and I became quite addicted to the game; even took time off from work to go watch and bet on the game...they say it's the fastest sport in the world and very dangerous too because of the speed of the pelota (ball)...those were good times...I tried using the cesta one time and couldn't get the ball to leave the cesta...I love the history of this game; kids playing after Church Mass behind the Church...thank you guys for looking and commenting...

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Mmmm!!! Looks quite

Mmmm!!! Looks quite delicious!like caramel cream...now you've put me in the mood for something nice and sweet

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Fantasitc! love the soft

Fantasitc! love the soft colour you used.

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Nice rendering

I also went to Jai Alai game and to a Basque "glass" folk dance.